Converting CADWorx to Plant 3D

For the last year, we have been working to streamline the process of converting a CADWorx model to Plant 3D.  We are now at the point where we can take advantage of some in-house development tools for converting models. We are excited to announce that we can now convert CADWorx models to Plant 3D models! What does this mean for you?

  • We can bring your legacy CADWorx specs into Plant 3D
  • We can move your legacy piping into a Plant 3D project.

The price of the conversion will be based on model complexity, model size, and number of specs. Please Contact Us to learn more about pricing or the conversion process.   What is the conversion process?

  • Convert Specs
  • Convert CADWorx Models
  • Clean Up the Models

At this point we only have the ability to convert piping, but you can retain the steel and equipment models, and use our properties palette while within Plant 3D.

Convert CADWorx Specs

The first stage of the process, converting specs has been hashed out by our team for various clients. We have a couple blog articles about converting specs here: As with all modeling, garbage in = garbage out, so the most import piece of converting the model is to get the specs right. In order to verify a successful model conversion, we will convert your specs to populate the CADWorx model with correct part data.

Convert CADWorx Models

With the specs successfully converted, we can proceed with the model conversion. In order to successfully parse your line number, you should include your CADWorx configuration file. Files necessary for the conversion process are listed here: To convert the model, we use some in-house tools to align the components correctly, which lets us select CADWorx items, image and places Plant 3D components at the correct locations. image

Cleaning up the Models

The final step in the process is to fix any disconnected joints, or items that don’t convert. Often CADWorx users may change the description of any item on the fly, or they may modify the spec after a part has already been placed in the model. In these scenarios the parts have to be individually converted since they will not match the converted spec. In some scenarios, piping may have to be re-routed if it cannot be connected.  For example, if lines didn’t connect in CADWorx (and wouldn’t run through Isogen), Plant 3D will not be able to connect them either. For these issues as well as troubleshooting the actual conversion, a log file is generated. image Using the information (CADWorx Object Handle) in the log file, we can quickly locate items in the model for fixing. image Please Contact Us if you need more information about converting CADWorx models.