Instrument Bubbles on Isometrics in Plant 3D

Every now and then, an idea strikes when you go back and look at an old problem.  This morning, a potential solution occurred to me as I was going through some old emails.

Several clients have asked if they can have the instrument tag separated out in the instrument bubble on an isometric. Until I learned more about the iso.atr file, no options presented themselves.


While there are a couple of ways to approach this, here is my personal favorite.

The steps are:

  • Create a calculated property holding the values separated by \p
  • Map the property in the iso.atr
  • Reference the property in the InstrumentTag Annotation Scheme.

Create the Calculated Property

One of my favorite commands is quickly becoming PLANTDEFINECALCPROPERTIES. Since we’re talking specifically about instrument bubbles, we will create a property on the instrument class. The property value is Area || ‘\p’ || Type || ‘\p’ || LoopNumber. To the isometric engine, \p means start a new line, so that is the crux of our new feature. The reason I used a calculated property is that I can redefine it at a project level and use it in any iso style (that references the IsoTag property). Otherwise, if my instrument tag format changes, I have to modify all of my iso styles as well.


Map the IsoTag Property

Open the Iso.atr file in the style you are going to modify, and add a line mapping the IsoTag property we just created. Save the changes.


Modify the InstrumentTag AnnotationScheme

In the isoconfig.xml, navigate to Themes > Default Theme > Annotations > AnnotationSchemes > ComponentScheme (InstrumentTag) . Modify the format and the Fields to match our new property name.



Now if you have a model with a tagged instrument your generated iso will call out the instrument with a multi-line bubble.