Separating Item Code Rows in AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometrics

Today we have a client who has filled in the Item Code property in specs and catalogs, but needs items with different sizes to appear on separate rows. By default, they are combined like this:


I learned something about how the Columns are used in the isoconfig.xml but I haven’t had a using to modify them until now.

For this particular style, the client is using Shop and Field sections, so I’ll be modifying those. To make this work for every BOM type, you should modify all of the BOM Aggregated Lists.

Now for the details.

In the isoconfig.xml, the isometrics uses the Data>Aggregated Lists section to control the data that populates the BOM tables.

To test the fix, I added the Size column to the AggregatedList (ShopMaterials) > Groups (FITTINGS > Columns.

Even though the sections don’t display separated in the BOM, Plant still sorts by the group to populate the table.  To fix the rest of the AggregatedList, you should add the Size column to each of the groups.  To fix the rest of the style, you should add the Size column to all of the Groups for the Materials and Field Materials Aggregated lists.  The rest of the aggregated lists are used for the cut list and weld lists, and aren’t of a concern in this scenario.


The fixed output looks like this: