Sharing Awesomeness – Skipping Classes and Properties

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AutoCAD P&ID and Plant 3D also handles cases where properties or classes do not exist in a current project setup.

In this scenario, PID001 is from a project that has additional properties and some extra ball valve classes. When using Copy drawing to project to bring PID001 into a new project, this dialog is displayed warning us about missing classes and properties.


After that dialog displays, error dialogs for classes that do not exist display.


At the end, you can click to see a log of conflicts.


Missing Properties

As is clear from the list, properties are not listed. So, any properties that are in the drawing, are ignored if they don’t match the project.

Symbol and Class Display

Mileage will vary as far as symbols that are not in the project. The symbol won’t be included in the project as intelligent items.


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