Acquiring the Insulation Spec property for 3d Line Groups in AutoCAD Plant 3d

Some of our clients like to have the insulation display along the pipe run in the isometrics. In order to facilitate insulation and heat tracing line work being shown, the Insulation Spec and Tracing Spec properties must be filled out.  Since these are separate properties from the Insulation Type and Tracing Type properties, most clients want to only fill out the Insulation Type or Tracing Type properties. There are two main hurdles to overcome, first that while you can add the acquire property to the insulation spec, for some reason, it doesn’t fill out. Second, by default you can’t remove the InsulationSpec or TracingSpec properties to add your own.

1. Make sure the Line Insulation Display is turned on by turning modifying the isoconfig.xml


2. With the project closed (all users out), open the project Piping.dcf database in either SQL management studio (if you are running SQL Server, or SQLite Expert).

3. Locate the PnPColumnAttributes table, and enter P3dLineGroup for the TableName filter and ISREMOVABLE for the AttributeName.


4. Set the TracingSpec and InsulationSpec AttributeValve properties to TRUE.

5. Open the project in Plant 3d and go to project setup. Now you can remove the InsulationSpec and TracingSpec properties.


6. Since we can’t use Acquisition Properties, we have to use calculated fields to get our Insulation Type and Tracing Type in. Start the PLANTDEFINECALCPROPERTIES command at the command line.  Switch to the Piping tab, select the P3dLineGroup. Enter InsulationSpec for the property name and select String from the dropdown.  You can double-click or type in the Function and property names. Enter ToString(InsulationType) in the expression box and click Apply. Repeat the process for the TracingSpec property using ToString(TracingType) for the expression.



7. Verify that selecting the insulation or tracing type fills out the properties using the Data Manager.


8. Running the iso should yield a similar result to this.