Renaming referenced catalogs in Plant 3d specs

Sometimes users want to rename the catalog they created, after having created specs. While this can be tedious, it is still possible.

Each spec consists of two related files, the pspc, and the pspx.  This article will demonstrate part of the relationship between catalogs and specs.

1.  The first step is to rename/move the original catalogs. This will make sure that you get warned if parts are not found.

The pspx is a zip file which may contain a catalog reference. In the simplest case, you can just change the path without changing the name used for the catalog. The screenshots below show the pspx file opened in 7-zip.



If all the parts are found after changing the catalog reference, you don’t need to modify anything else.

2. To fully change the name of the referenced catalog in the spec, you need to use a SQLite database editor. The preferred free version is from SQLiteExpert.

Opening the spec shows us a tree of the tables at the left. Select Engineering Items, and locate the CatalogId. This is the other place that references the catalog name. You can change the name of the catalog here. If you purchase the Expert version, you can export and import to Excel, where you could do a Find/Replace.