FastTrack Align View Cube Tool

Sometimes we need to re-align an angled section of our Plant 3D model when creating an Ortho view. ECAD Inc.’s Fast Track plug-in for AutoCAD Plant 3D has a tool that does this for you. Re-alignment is accomplished through the use of the “Align View Cube” tool found on the 2D Fast Track tab of the Plant 3D ribbon.



The first step in the process is to open your model and select the Create Ortho View tool on the Home tab of the Plant 3D ribbon.
When the Select Orthographic Drawing dialog box is displayed, either create a new Ortho drawing or reuse an old one as you normally would.

In the next screen, be sure you are in the 2D Wireframe visual style and then select the view angle that is needed.

Choose the 2D Fast Track tab and select the Align View Cube tool.


After selecting the tool, your cursor will change to a pick box. Follow the command line and select a part you want to show in a horizontal plane.



After the pick, you will then see the Ortho Cube align to the angle of that part.

Next, select the Ortho Editor tab and pick the green check mark by “OK”. Note: If too many tabs are being displayed on the ribbon, the Ortho Editor tab might not be visible. If so, then select the double black arrows to the far right of the tabs. The Ortho Editor tab will then be displayed.

Lastly, position the viewport on the paper space area and left click. You should see the components that were modeled at an angle now represented in an Orthographic alignment.