Annotations and sizes including inches in Metric Project

We ran across an issue where annotations and the properties palette sometimes have the pipe size display in inches.  After testing, we have isolated the circumstances, but not the root cause.  The issue may occur when a user goes into project setup and clicks Apply or OK (regardless of whether changes have been made or not).

If the issue does occur, the user will notice the pipe or fittings selected in the 3d model show their size in inches.



Once this issue occurs, annotations placed after this point will also have the size in inches.


Workaround Fix

The way to fix the issue is to close the project and re-open it. Rather than shutting down plant completely, you can right-click on the project name, close it, and then use the dropdown to re-open the project.



Once the project is open, the easiest way to fix annotations is by using the project manager. Right-click on the drawing in the orthos tab and choose update annotations. Again this only seems to occur when a user has been in project setup, so I suspect that it is not seen frequently.


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