Customizing Tool Tips in Plant 3D

I’ve said it couldn’t be done. But in another episode of kicking myself, I was reminded by ADM, and John Bennett, about the rollover tool tip customization in the CUI. So, steps to show tool tips are as follows:

1. Start the CUI command

2. Locate the rollover tooltips section on the left under main cui.

3. Navigate to each class and check the properties that you want to have appearing in your tool tips, and click OK.


4. Hover over objects to your hearts content.





For those who care, you may reference rollover tool tips in multiple cui files. However, if two cuis use the same class, the cui loaded last will take priority. For example, if you have an enterprise cui, you could not add rollover tooltips b/c the main cui would always take precedence. However, if you loaded a plugin cui into the main cui, the plugin cui would take precedence as the main is loaded first.