Finding Extensions, Service Packs and Hot Fixes

If you are new to the Autodesk world, or haven’t seen the changes to subscription center, you will need to know how to locate extensions, service packs, and hot fixes.  In all honesty, within the last year Autodesk has spent a lot of resource updating how these items are distributed, so this is a good post for general knowledge any ways.


For Plant, the extensions include relevant bug fixes so as long as you are on subscription, you should look for these first. To do so, log into your Autodesk account and go here:

A link to product enhancements is available. Again, these are only available to customers current on subscription, which is the reason for the login.


I use the search function (Ctrl+F) in Chrome to locate the product and version I’m looking for:


Service Packs and Hot Fixes

Service packs and hot fixes are available to any user with the product, so these are listed publicly. Recently, Autodesk has improved locating downloads for your product.

Go to:

Click Download finder:


Choose Service Packs and Fixes


Pick your product and version



View the list of Downloads

Remember to read the readme files associated with each download as they will indicate the order of installation and installation steps. These notes are CRITICAL!