Creating a project template in Vault

If you transition to using Vault, you will need to create your project template inside of Vault. Once done, and if you have 2015 Ext 1 or higher installed, you can create new projects using the Vault template.  This post will look at creating a Vault project based on an existing project template on a network.

  • Start the new project wizard:


  • In the project wizard, enter the name of the project, (1), check create project in Vault and choose the Vault folder location (2), and lastly, Check Copy settings from existing project and choose the project template located on your network (3).
  • Follow the wizard through the rest of the settings. Note that ALL folders (ie specs) must be relative to the Vault project folder we are creating.

Once completed, you have a project that is configured to use Vault.  The next procedure is to configure your permissions that you want on your project folders for access.

To change folder properties, right-click on the folder in Vault, choose Details and configure the Groups and users that should have access to the folder.


Alter the permissions for any folders necessary.

After that point, you can create new projects using the template with permissions in the new project wizard.