Alternate component auto-selection

Today a client asked how to have a secondary gasket automatically inserted when a specific flange is placed. After experimentation, I found some joint settings that work. The overall process goes like this:

  • Modify your catalog components to use a Gasket Standard
  • Add the items to your spec
  • Modify your simple flange joint connection to use a Gasket Standard
  • Modify the compound auto-flange joint to use the Gasket Standard

Modifying the Catalog Components

By default, gaskets and flanges already have a gasket standard property. Set both of the gasket ports to use the same standard. The standard is any value you want (as long as you add it to all of the necessary ports).

Figure 1 – Gasket with Gasket Std set

Figure 2 – Flange with Gasket Std Set

Adding the items to the spec

Use the normal spec editing process to add these items to your spec. In this sample, I modified the long description to make it clear which to select.

Modify the simple flange joint connection

To view the joint settings, go to Project Setup > Plant 3D DWG Settings > Piping Connection Settings. Select the flanged connection and click modify.

In the modify joint dialog, select the gasket and then you will have a spec filter button available. This button is available in 2016 Ext 1 or later. If you do not have access to 2016 Ext 1, see the xml excerpt posted below to see what you need to do.

With the Gasket STD property selected, check the required box and then select end 2. You settings should look like this:

Click Ok, and then modify to save accept the changes.

Modify the Compound Auto-Flange joint

Modifying the simple joint means that we can connect a Type 1 flange to an existing Type 1 flange. However, we want to make the insertion more automated overall, so we need to modify the auto-flange joint.

Select the auto flange joint, and click modify.

In the edit dialog, click the browse connection component button.

In this dialog, check the Gasket STD property again, and choose the FL, LUG, WF end.

Final Result

The end result is that when we insert our alternate flange, the correct gasket gets inserted as well.  A video showing the settings in action is here:

For those who don’t have access to 2016 Ext 1, the modified Connectors config xml is available here:

Alternate Gasket Connectors Config (15 downloads)

You should be able to use this in 2014 and earlier.