Easy way to map properties for use in Iso drawings

When setting up an isometric style there is almost always a property you need to pull so it can be used in an annotation. If it’s being inserted in the BOM or on the Title Block itself this isn’t a big deal, but if you are trying to modify an annotation or adjust filters in the IsoConfig.xml then we have a little extra work to do.

The reason this is easy when adding the property to the Title Block or BOM is because the property will automatically be mapped for you when adding the property.

Until you have a good grasp on the mapping process I recommend we take advantage of this to get that understanding.

So what I am recommending we do is make a dummy iso style.
Once you create the dummy iso style we need to go into Title Block setup.

Setup Title Block

From the Title Block Setup tab we need to use the Table Setup tool.

Table Setup

From here all we need to do is add the new property to the BOM in it’s own column.

Add Column

Find the property of the generic type of items or the specific type of times and select the property you are interested in mapping.

Select Class Property

Once the property has been mapped we need to make sure the new property is checked in the table setup.

Add Data to BOM

Open window explorer and navigate to the dummy isometric style’s folder and open the iso.atr file in notepad.

Mapped Attributes

As you can see the new property has been mapped.

From this point we can use this property to filter items or use in annotations for our isometric drawings.  Here are two example scenarios where you can use this to adjust annotations as well as filters using your newly mapped properties:

Instrument Bubbles on Isometrics in Plant 3D

Creating a layer theme for AutoCAD Isometrics