Itemized BOM’s for Plant 3d Isometrics

Many people may say it couldn’t be done, but we were able to find a way to itemize BOMs. Typically, this is only a concern for fabrication shops, but it can be really helpful for understanding more about how BOM’s work.

To get this to work, we’ll do the following:

  • Create the DbID property
  • Add the DbID to the iso output
  • Modify the Aggregated Lists

Create the DbID Property

First for everything to be itemized, the iso needs a way to recognize unique components. The PnPID property is good for this, because it is unique across the project. However, the PnPID property isn’t available in our property list for isometric tables. To get it, we will first create the DbID calculated property.


  1. Click the Piping tab.
  2. Select Engineering Items
  3. Enter DbID
  4. Pick the String property type
  5. Double-Click the PnPID property
  6. Apply

Once complete, you should see that the DbId field in the data manager mirrors the PnPID field.

Add the DbID to the Iso output

Follow this post to add the dbid to the iso.atr:

Feel free to remove the DbID column from the BOM table so it doesn’t display visually.

Modify the Aggregated Lists

The final step is to modify the aggregated lists. These lists control how items are grouped and sorted on the iso. Out of the box, the Materials list looks like this:

We are going to modify each group (PIPE, FITTINGS, OLETS, etc.) so that each groups columns contains the new DbID property.

Once completed, your BOM will have everything itemized.