PT15439-Plant 3d Expert Q & A

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  • PT15439-Plant 3d Expert Q & A

This past November, I had the opportunity to partner with Jason Drew answering questions at AU 2016. I wanted to take a minute to write up some of the class notes. The class is posted at AU Online here: where you can see the video and download the handouts and ppt.

First we recapped some of the big learning topics from 2016 which included:

Then we covered isolating issues and parts of the program.

Last of all, my favorite, the questions!

Next year, I need to do a better job of who asks the question for follow up, but here are the questions as captured in the class:

  1. How do I get the total bolt quantity instead of the number of bolt sets in Orthos?
  2. How do I show insulation in my orthographic drawings?
  3. How do you transition from SQLite to SQL Server/Vault?
  4. How do I get iso dimension continuations to go to center of elbows and fittings and not the end?
  5. How can I get my line group data into my P&ID (or Plant 3d)?
  6. My BOM Annotations are moving in Orthos after saving and closing. (We think it may be from using multiple layouts).
  7. Spool splitting isn’t correct when import CADMep PCFs.

That’s what we covered in class. We’ll be taking a look at these and posting follow up articles as we are able.

Here’s the list of solutions we were able to find: