Filtering out existing pipe from the Report Creator.

If you want to filter something out in a report using the Report Creator, you can use the Edit Query and set filters in there.  But that will only apply to that particular class that is selected, and you will have to repeat that process to anything else you would like to filter.

In this post, I will outline the steps to filter out something from an entire report.   We will specifically be looking at excluding existing items in the default 3D Parts report configuration.

Click on Edit next to the selected report configuration and a Edit report layout on the next screen:

In the report layout editor, make sure that the top root heading is selected (or click in the grey area of the report template so that just the root is selected)

With that selected, anything that we change in the Property grid will apply to the entire report.

In the Property grid below the Report Explorer, scroll down to the Data section.

Under Filter String, select the text box and click on the ellipses (…)

A new dialog box should open called the FilterString Editor.

Click on the small plus sign next to the red And text.

We need to set our filter now.

I’m going to change the blue area to what class we are filtering so I will choose Engineering Items_Status.

The green area will say whether it is contained in the report or not, so in this scenario I will mark this as not contained,

and finally what value we don’t want it to contain.  I will type in Existing.

Hit ok and Save the report.

Now you should no longer see existing components.