How to Import/Export Line Group Data into my P&ID or Plant 3D?

I will be walking you through setting up the import and export settings so that we can both extract your data and import it back in.

Here are the steps to setup a custom import/export so that engineers can modify your line list.

  • Create a new Import/Export Mapping
  • Export the Data
  • Modify The Data
  • Import Using the Data Mapping


Create a New Import/Export Mapping

From inside of AutoCAD Plant 3D or AutoCAD P&ID go to your Project Manager and open up your Project Setup.

While inside the Project Setup window.  Expand either P&ID DWG Settings or Plant 3D DWG Settings.  I will be selecting the P&ID DWG Settings but you can follow the same steps for the Plant 3D DWG Settings. Click on the Export and Import Settings.  Then on the right-hand side click on NEW.

This will bring up the New Export and Import Settings Dialogue window.  Give it a Name and Description.

Next select your P&ID Classes.  For mine I am selecting the PipeLineGroup.

Once you have your P&ID classes selected then you can move over to the External Data Mapping window.  You will see the External Class Name and the Properties for this in the window.  You simply select the check box to select to deselect and of the properties.  Additionally, If you are wanting to map from or to another program you can select the Value Mapping cell and tell it what the cell is in P&ID and the name in the alternative program.

Once you have this done you can click OK, then apply and shutdown the Project Setup.

Export the Data

The next step will be to open your Data Manager inside of Plant3D/P&ID.  It is on the Home Tab, Project Panel if you are not sure where it is.  Once open you need to click the Export button.

Once the export window is open you will need to Select your export settings and select the Export settings we created earlier.  In my case, it is called P&ID Line Group Data.  Once done you will need to select the save location for the .xls file and the name you want it saved at.  By default, it attempts to put this file in your documents folder.  You can change this here if you would like.  Click ok to export your file.



Modify the Data

Use Excel to open your new file from your save location.  You should see only the properties that you selected in the export file inside of this file.

At this point you can change the information in the cells if you would like and save the file for use in an import later.

Import The Data

Back inside of your Plant3D or P&ID inside of the Data Manager you can select import.

This will open the Import from window.  Select the file you created, modified and saved for this.  Once you tell it to open you will get the Import Data Window.  Be sure and select the proper Import settings from the pull down.  Again, in my case it is called P&ID Line Group Data.  Click Ok.


Once you have done this you will see the Cells that have changed be highlighted in yellow.  You will also notice you can now accept or reject each change one by one by using the now highlighted accept or reject buttons.  Alternatively, you can accept all or reject all as well.

I hope this information help you along your journey inside of AutoCAD Plant 3D and AutoCAD P&ID.