Populating the Assign Tag Annotation Styles

When you assign tag information to a P&ID object you are also prompted for an annotation style, but custom annotations may not always get included in the list.

In this example the annotation I’ve created is called Trimmed Line Tag, and the contents of the block are shown below:

As you can see above the annotation references the Size and Spec of the schematic line segment. Sadly this annotation will not make the list.

Specifically what will allow an annotation style to appear on that list is the inclusion of the Tag property.

The property doesn’t have to be by itself, but as long as it is included in the annotation style, it will become available in the drop-down. For example the annotation format below would also allow my annotation style to make the list.

Now if you don’t want the full tag to show up in the annotation there is a really easy way around this.  Each line in your annotation is actually an attribute definition, meaning that any of the adjustments you could make with a normal attribute should be available for these attribute definitions.  Knowing this, all we need to do is make this unwanted attribute definition invisible and now the property will be there, but nobody will be able to tell by looking at it your annotation.

Once this adjustment is made we should be able to grab our annotation from the list.

As you can see below the attribute for the full tag doesn’t show up, because it has been set to invisible.