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Plant 3D 2017 Ext 1 Update

We have had issues with clients being able to run FastTrack Plant on Plant 3d 2017 Update 1. The fix is here:    

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Insulation and Orthographic Drawings

We have had some users asking about how to have insulation show up graphically in the Orthographic Drawings.  It doesn’t appear that the functionality is present in the software right now.  (Other than manually drawing plain AutoCAD objects in paperspace.) Let’s look at some of the options in the model and annotations that we can […]

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Skey and Spindle Relationships Plant 3D

In order to customize the operators for valves on isometrics, you need to understand how the configuration for symbols is configured. First, you can configure the valve skey either in the catalogs or from the model directly. To see the relationship between valves and their operator skey, you have to open the IsoSkeyAcadBlockMap.xml in the […]

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PT15439-Plant 3d Expert Q & A

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Autodesk University

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Autodesk UniversityThis past November, I had the opportunity to partner with Jason Drew answering questions at AU 2016. I wanted to take a minute to write up some of the class notes. The class is posted at AU Online here: where you can see the […]

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Fasttrack Plant 1.0.16299

We have a new build of Fasttrack Plant in the store, 1.0.16299. We removed the deploy scripts button (which wasn’t working and was for a feature we are not using). Also, we added a prompt during project setup so that the nominal spec is only filled in if you select yes during the fasttrack project […]

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Fasttrack Plant Update 1.0.16286

  An update for Fasttrack Plant is available now: We’re working to get the update pushed to the Autodesk app store now. 10/12/2016 Fixed a bug where the spec directory for Spec-Driven P&IDs didn’t update when the project was changed. Verified Spec-Driven P&IDs work with Vault Fixed bugs where valves wouldn’t show if out of […]

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Spec Driven P&IDs In AutoCAD P&ID

With the release of Fasttrack Plant , we have the capability to create spec-driven P&IDs. Today’s video will show how to use the spec-driven aspects of Fasttrack Plant.  Fast track plant has been tested and runs on 2015-2017 (and most features on 2014).    

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Itemized BOM’s for Plant 3d Isometrics

Many people may say it couldn’t be done, but we were able to find a way to itemize BOMs. Typically, this is only a concern for fabrication shops, but it can be really helpful for understanding more about how BOM’s work. To get this to work, we’ll do the following: Create the DbID property Add […]

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Extracting a catalog from Specs in Plant 3D

One issue we sometimes have is that if someone doesn’t have a source catalog, you can’t modify the underlying spec information. For example, if you convert specs from other programs, you wouldn’t have a catalog behind the spec. One way to get around this is to create a catalog from the spec. To do so, […]

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Dynamic Nozzles for Plant 3D Equipment

One long standing frustration is that you cannot dynamically change the length of a bent nozzle on Plant 3d equipment. Today while reviewing this issue, I thought I’d try a technique that has helped us out in other situations: Unfortunately, there is no Component Designation property in the catalog editor view, even though it […]