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AutoCAD backups

Save. Backup. Restore. If you have ever lost a file (or a folder) you probably have come to realize pretty quickly that backups should be part of your normal way of life.  Hopefully, you live in an environment where all that is handled by a network administrator.  However, for those of you who don’t have […]

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Where’s my pgp?

Last week I mentioned the pgp file, but I forgot to explain what it does.  PGP is what is known as a program parameters file.  AutoCAD reads the first acad.pgp file it finds in its search paths, and uses that to make commands available as keyboard shortcuts. Search Paths You can open the pgp file […]

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ECAD CADWorx Database 64-bit

With the help of Rod Abbott, we’ve been able to fix up the ECAD Database for CADWorx to run on 64-bit.  For those of you who are curious, this is a compatibility issue we had to address.  Incidentally, the code posted will fix the out of the box database for CADWorx too. #If VBA7 Then […]

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I’m willing to bet many of you have never heard of this command.  Well, it’s a dialog added in 2009 (I think). It allows you to assign an order number to the valves.  In case you’re wondering (or have to use this in a query/report somewhere) the Order Number column uses the CW_RES_03_ field in […]

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Checking for CADWorx*

Today’s post is one that I’m shocked I haven’t written already.  A while back I was pondering how to load my shortcuts for P&ID and not for plant.  I tend to have a complicated setup since I use CADWorx, but also have to teach/demo CADWorx.  Personally, I like the ribbons, but the bulk of my […]

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Connecting and Sharing with the PDO Team

I discovered today that our connection widget wasn’t working properly.  I found another plugin that does about the same thing, but a little more.  On the bottom of each post now, you should see icons for sharing that post on several services like Twitter and Facebook. Also, on the right of the web page is […]

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Product Downloads Updated

Here are some numbers on our store.  Now, the hard part about these numbers is that they don’t reflect the true number of users, but it’s fun to see them anyways (for me at least). Since April, we have had 304 items downloaded.    By far the most popular is the CADWorx Ribbons.  See the chart […]