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Connecting Equipment to Equipment in Plant3D

  We’ve ran into a few outfits that need to be able to directly bolt equipment to another piece of equipment, primarily in the Compressor Industry.  For a while it looked like this wasn’t an option, till we started looking at it a little closer.   When you build 2 pieces of equipment, and try […]

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NEW Steel Toolkit 3.0 AVAILABLE!

We’ve had lots of downloads, and lots of feedback on our Steel Toolkit, so an update was in order.   We still feel that CADWorx Steel provides a great deal of flexibility in todays workplace, and with the addition of a few simple datafiles,  you can greatly expand on that.  The contents of the Steel Toolkit 3.0 […]

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Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plant Specs

For some time we’ve had a specs available for purchase, specifically for those of you that deal with Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plants, well, we’ve decided to greatly expand that. The line now includes the following: Ductile Iron Pipe Ductile Iron C110 Flanged Fittings DIP C110 Mechanical Joint Fittings DIP C153 Mechanical Joint Fittings US […]

Changing the Default Nozzle in CADWorx Read more

Changing the Default Nozzle in CADWorx

In CADWorx Equipment, when you place a nozzle, out of the box it comes in as a 4″ 150# RFWN.  What if you use 90% Long Weld Necks?  What if most of your nozzles are a 300#?  What if you are putting a 2″ nozzle in w/ a 3/4″ coupling for a pressure tap?  Let’s […]

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ISOGEN Symbol Editing

This one was pretty exciting to me. For those of us that have spent anytime trying to work with the symbol editor for ISOGEN, we all know the pain that IS the symbol editor for ISOGEN. Along comes a new hire in the Houston office of ECAD. Matthew Peters shows up, is given the task of taking learning ISOGEN, then writes this after spending about 2 weeks with the software. These are the people that A: make me sick 🙂 and B: I’m VERY glad are on my team, and YOURS! He’s made putting good looking supports, shoes, etc… into ISOGEN an easy step by step. This document should go with the rest of your ISOGEN Bible that I know all of you have saved around there somewhere.

Here’s a couple of screen caps from the document.

You can download the file here ISOGEN Symbol Editor pdf

With any luck we can hope for more of this great work from Matthew in the future.


Kyle Pope

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Process Design is growing!

Alot of you know a guy by the name of Dave Wolfe. Fortunately ECAD was able to hire this guy into the Process and Power team. We’ve been keeping him plenty busy, and as I’m sure alot of you know, he is amazing at the software. In the future, we’re going to get him more and more involved with this site as well, so that you won’t JUST have to listen to me ramble, you’ll get his knowledge too!

I know I”m extrememly excited to have his expertise available, and I’m sure we’ll all benefit a great deal!


CADWorx Plant and P&ID 2010 Ribbons Read more

CADWorx Plant and P&ID 2010 Ribbons

Okay, so by now a lot of people have seen these. The Process and Power team at ECAD has put together a standard set of ribbons for CADWorx Plant and P&ID 2010 on AutoCAD 2010. All you got to do is shoot me an email, and I’ll send them right over to you! We’re going to continue to work on more, so stay tuned!