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Itemized BOM’s for Plant 3d Isometrics

Many people may say it couldn’t be done, but we were able to find a way to itemize BOMs. Typically, this is only a concern for fabrication shops, but it can be really helpful for understanding more about how BOM’s work. To get this to work, we’ll do the following: Create the DbID property Add […]

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Extracting a catalog from Specs in Plant 3D

One issue we sometimes have is that if someone doesn’t have a source catalog, you can’t modify the underlying spec information. For example, if you convert specs from other programs, you wouldn’t have a catalog behind the spec. One way to get around this is to create a catalog from the spec. To do so, […]

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Dynamic Nozzles for Plant 3D Equipment

One long standing frustration is that you cannot dynamically change the length of a bent nozzle on Plant 3d equipment. Today while reviewing this issue, I thought I’d try a technique that has helped us out in other situations: http://www.pdoteam.com/2014/12/dynamic-length-valves-in-autocad-plant-3d/ Unfortunately, there is no Component Designation property in the catalog editor view, even though it […]

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Creating a layer theme for AutoCAD Isometrics

A client recently inquired about best practices on vendor supplied piping. The goal was to remove vendor supplied piping from the BOM and give those items a specific layer in isometric drawings.  To accomplish this there should be a property that can be adjusted in the 3D model. The first step to meeting this need […]

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Backwards project compatibility

Every now and then we have to take a project to an earlier version, like from 2017 to 2016. For most of the version the next steps work, but you will be attempting this at your own risk. First be aware of when major project formats were changed. The really big one was between 2013-2014 […]

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Fasttrack Navisworks 1.26 Update

Hi we’ve just released an update for our P3d Datalink plugin. The plugin is being renamed Fasttrack Navisworks and has had a couple features added. Here’s the product page: http://www.pdoteam.com/store/fasttrack-navisworks/ where you can download a trial, purchase, or view help videos. In summary for 1.26, you can pick a part in a model without having […]