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Adding sizes to the custom parts palette

Every now and then we get asked how to add sizes to the custom parts palette.  While I’ve said no, I always try to dig a little more to find out where those sizes get pulled from. This morning, I found it!   Adding a Size to permanent (CustomParts) Items   The critical piece is […]

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Using drawings external to a project in Plant 3D and Vault

Dragging up a post from way back: http://www.pdoteam.com/2012/07/adding-external-drawings-to-autocad-plant-3d/ There are 3 types of drawings that will be included when generating orthographic drawings: Any dwg created through the project manager within the project folder structure (most frequent). Any xref that is referenced as an attachment A drawing that is in a project folder that saves drawings outside […]

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Loading Navisworks Navigator into AutoCAD or Advanced Steel

The navisworks navigator plugin available in Plant 3D is a fantastic tool for visualizing your model inside of Navisworks.  However, by default the window doesn’t load inside of Advanced Steel or other AutoCAD products. To help with the button issue, you’ll need a partial cuix to load (below). Once you have that, you’ll need to make […]

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Creating a project template in Vault

If you transition to using Vault, you will need to create your project template inside of Vault. Once done, and if you have 2015 Ext 1 or higher installed, you can create new projects using the Vault template.  This post will look at creating a Vault project based on an existing project template on a […]

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Finding Extensions, Service Packs and Hot Fixes

If you are new to the Autodesk world, or haven’t seen the changes to subscription center, you will need to know how to locate extensions, service packs, and hot fixes.  In all honesty, within the last year Autodesk has spent a lot of resource updating how these items are distributed, so this is a good […]

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Customizing Tool Tips in Plant 3D

I’ve said it couldn’t be done. But in another episode of kicking myself, I was reminded by ADM, and John Bennett, about the rollover tool tip customization in the CUI. So, steps to show tool tips are as follows: 1. Start the CUI command 2. Locate the rollover tooltips section on the left under main […]

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Updating Plugins

Due to constraints on our time, we do not always have our plugins available in the store immediately (much to our chagrin). However, because we use .Net to develop our plugins, in general you can modify the xml to have them load in the latest version (ie 2016).  This article will show you how to […]

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Top Updates for Plant 3D 2016

Because most of the new features for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016 were released as Extension 1 for 2015, the platform build (2016 proper) had a strong emphasis on updates existing features and fixes.  To that end, we have gone through the product and picked some of our favorites. 1. Tolerance – In 2016, the program […]

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Using Tolerances in Plant 3D 2016

In order to take advantage of using tolerances in AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016, you’ll need to modify your joint connections.  The joint xml is located in the project folder and is called DefaultConnectorsConfig.xml. My personal favorite xml editor is Foxe, and here is a link showing how to use it: http://www.pdoteam.com/2012/08/editing-xml-files/ You will want to set […]