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PT15439-Plant 3d Expert Q & A

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This past November, I had the opportunity to partner with Jason Drew answering questions at AU 2016. I wanted to take a minute to write up some of the class notes. The class is posted at AU Online here: where you can see the video and download the handouts and ppt. First we recapped some […]

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Handling Coordinates with Named UCS in AutoCAD

In some situations, users may run into issues when the coordinates for their facility are too far from the origin for AutoCAD to correctly process the model. Background Information Please see these articles for more details about the types of issues that may arise: Here are some links showing how Microstation handles […]

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Can’t edit Equipment nozzles

Ok, so this is more of a personal issue than anything else. For the last little while, I’ve been unable to edit equipment nozzles without the dialog disappearing and pipe starting to get routed.   If this happens to you, make sure GRIPSUBOBJMODE = 0, and your life can go back to normal.   **UPDATE** Being […]

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Tailoring AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D

While our blog has been pretty quiet lately, I have been working on some other documentation for AutoCAD. We partnered together and will be releasing a new book (it’s only in pdf form) called Tailoring AutoCAD P&ID and Plant 3D (free!). The book is laid out with a couple of goals: Provide a framework to […]

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Connecting Equipment to Equipment in Plant3D

  We’ve ran into a few outfits that need to be able to directly bolt equipment to another piece of equipment, primarily in the Compressor Industry.  For a while it looked like this wasn’t an option, till we started looking at it a little closer.   When you build 2 pieces of equipment, and try […]

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Editing and Deleting Nozzles in Plant 3D

Deleting and editing a nozzle sounds like a simple task (and it is!), but the first time you try editing a nozzle, you may find yourself having difficulties finding out how.  Most people who are experienced in using AutoCAD have set search pattern to look for how to find a method to edit objects.  That is great […]

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Inserting Equipment

On the forums this week, we ran into an issue inserting equipment from another drawing.  Sometimes when you insert the equipment, it doesn’t show up in your model.  The workaround is pretty simple, thankfully. Wrong With these settings you’ll get nothing at your cursor to insert. But the block is actually there.  We should set […]

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Adding Custom Equipment to the Plant Menu

One thing I love about Plant 3D is that it is design to be really flexible.  A frequent request we get is, “How do I add my custom equipment to the default Equipment library?”   The secret lies in the catalog folder C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013 Content\CPak Common\equipment.  You can put the catalogs on the […]