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Updating to 2016 Extension 1

With a new extension out for 2016 we’ll have to make a few changes to our old projects. Changes have been made to the IsoSkeyAcadBlockMap.xml, IsoSymbolStyles.dwg, and IsoConfig.xml files, so we’ll have to generate a fresh project after installing the extension. The IsoSkeyAcadBlockMap.xml will need the following lines added: <SkeyMap SKEY = “BLD” AcadBlock =”RefDimPhantom”/> […]

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Top Updates for Plant 3D 2016

Because most of the new features for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016 were released as Extension 1 for 2015, the platform build (2016 proper) had a strong emphasis on updates existing features and fixes.  To that end, we have gone through the product and picked some of our favorites. 1. Tolerance – In 2016, the program […]

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Custom Iso Drawing Names

Recently I had a request to create custom drawing names for isometric drawings. Here is what the client wanted to get for his isometric names: Size-Spec-Service-Line#-Sht#-Rev# (ex. 2-CS150-FL-0500-01-R0, 2-CS150-FL-0500-02-R0) My first discovery was that you cannot use multiple properties in the FileNameFormat, PrefixModelProperties, ModelProperty, Name. This apparently causes an issue and results in seemingly random […]

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BOM Text color in AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometrics

Frequently we get asked how to change the color of text in AutoCAD Isometrics Bill of Materials (BOM). By default the text color looks like this: Go to project setup, Isometric DWG Settings, Title Block and Display, Setup Title Block. The Bill of Material Table is an AutoCAD table, so we need to select the […]

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Tailoring AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D

While our blog has been pretty quiet lately, I have been working on some other documentation for AutoCAD. We partnered together and will be releasing a new book (it’s only in pdf form) called Tailoring AutoCAD P&ID and Plant 3D (free!). The book is laid out with a couple of goals: Provide a framework to […]

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Instrument Bubbles on Isometrics in Plant 3D

Every now and then, an idea strikes when you go back and look at an old problem.  This morning, a potential solution occurred to me as I was going through some old emails. Several clients have asked if they can have the instrument tag separated out in the instrument bubble on an isometric. Until I […]

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Notes on Supports in Plant 3D Isometrics

Following up the last post, a client asked if there was a better way to put notes on supports other than using the message.   Because we can use any property in our isometrics, this post is going to show how to call out the comment field on the iso (if it’s not blank). To […]

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Complex Line Numbers in Isometrics

Out of the box, the line number tag, size and spec are called out on isometrics. One of the most frequent requests we get is to alter that line callout to match our line number. The difficulty lies in the fact that in the isoconfig.xml, when you tell it which fields to place, you can’t […]