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Converting CADWorx to Plant 3D

For the last year, we have been working to streamline the process of converting a CADWorx model to Plant 3D.  We are now at the point where we can take advantage of some in-house development tools for converting models. We are excited to announce that we can now convert CADWorx models to Plant 3D models! […]

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Schematic Line Substitute for AutoCAD P&ID

Jacketed, Primary and Secondary, existing and new are all available Pipe Lines in the P&ID Tool Palette.  It’s great that they are all available, but what happens if someone used the wrong type of schematic line to draw a pipe line? Let’s say that all the information for the line is correct, except that it […]

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CADWorx 2012 Release

For a while now we’ve been informing people that they should get the latest download of CADWorx 2010 (Nov. 10 build) to use some new features like the discontinuity view palette and the HVAC catalog.  To allow users to run  the latest CADWorx 2010 features with AutoCAD 2012, Intergraph released CADWorx 2012.  Existing CADWorx users […]

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Loading Equipment with CADWorx Plant

Pretty frequently  we get asked how to load equipment in CADWorx Plant.  Today I’m going to walk through how CADWorx get’s loaded into AutoCAD.  To learn how this works we will discuss the support file search paths, and files that AutoCAD loads automatically. Since I am a big fan of knowing why things work, we’ll […]

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SPECVIEW–Quick changes

It’s funny how topics are brought to mind.  Every time I install or update CADWorx, I have a couple tweaks that I always make.  First I always want Equipment loaded inside of Plant, and second I always change my spec view settings.  Today we’ll go over some quick changes I like to make on the […]

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Disconnects in ISOGEN

For many years, troubleshooting pipe connectivity for ISOGEN was…well, annoying to say the least.  Typically, the process went something like this: Run an iso/isos. Get a list of lines with disconnects. View the generated failed iso’s to see where the disconnect was shown. Fix the disconnects that were indicated. Isolate lines that couldn’t have drawings […]

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Line View settings

I’ve started working on a line number filter app to go out in our CADWorx Properties palette program.  For a while, I’ve wanted an easy way to take a filter, and save for later use. For information about filters, check out the Common List Dialog in the CADWorx help file. Basically, you can use a […]

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Project Setup: The XREF command

I thought it’d be worth the time to dig into the XREF command options a little more.  Two in particular can have a big impact on model portability, the reference type, and the path type options. Path Type The options available for path type are Full path, Relative path or No Path. However, if you […]

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CADWorx Properties Palette Update

Over the last week, the CADWorx Properties palette was updated to be backwards compatible to AutoCAD 2007.  Previously, we had made it compatible back to AutoCAD 2009.  We found a simple fix to make it compatible with AutoCAD 2008.  However, we couldn’t find a good way to get 2007 to work reliably, so we added […]