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CADWorx 2012 Release

For a while now we’ve been informing people that they should get the latest download of CADWorx 2010 (Nov. 10 build) to use some new features like the discontinuity view palette and the HVAC catalog.  To allow users to run  the latest CADWorx 2010 features with AutoCAD 2012, Intergraph released CADWorx 2012.  Existing CADWorx users […]

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CADWorx 2011 New Features Video

A video demonstrating the new features for CADWorx Plant Professional, and CADWorx P&ID Professional has been posted on our YouTube site. Check it out below: Also we’ve posted a video of another new feature we are adding, the NOZZLEATTACH command: As always trying to keep you informed on the latest CADWorx news! I’ve included the […]

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CADWorx 2011 Update

The next release of CADWorx is right around the corner.  From now until the release date, the beta team and developers have a bi-weekly meeting showcasing the latest fixes and updates.  The release is scheduled for October 1, with a pre-release being given away to attendees of CADWorx University 2010. This past Wednesday we got […]

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2011 Update

More questions on 2011! Great input guys, I really appreciate the feedback.  Keep it coming.  Clint’s a new user who’s been on the forums trying to learn about CADWorx and he asked a question to my previous post on CADWorx 2011. CADWorx has 2 official releases, one in the spring and a fall release.  The […]

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CADWorx 2011

In this post we broke the news about CADWorx 2011.  To cover Clark’s question, I thought I’d post about the upcoming release.  First of all there will be a release slated for the end of the user conference in Houston.  This release is CADWorx 2011.  To clarify the CADWORX Next Generation technology is only a […]

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CADWorx Updates Page

Recently due to increased hacker awareness, the page link for the downloads for CADWorx 2010 has changed.  We want to make sure CADWorx users are aware of this change. As always you can go to and visit the downloads page: But if you want to bookmark the links, here they are: Download a fresh […]

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CADWorx Updates

Now that the build release is official, we can post the link for you to download the latest release! is your key to getting latest updates.  I’ll keep you notified of updates as long as you’re connected to use through LinkedIn, Facebook, Google or Twitter. If you’d like to monitor the page yourself, try […]

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CADWorx Properties Palette by ECAD Stats

Looking through our records, I’ve been trying to tally up how many copies of the CADWorx Properties Palette by ECAD we’ve given out.  Since we haven’t been using the Store the whole time, the numbers are hit and miss, but I think we have roughly 40 people who have downloaded the palette. The video has […]