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I’m willing to bet many of you have never heard of this command.  Well, it’s a dialog added in 2009 (I think). It allows you to assign an order number to the valves.  In case you’re wondering (or have to use this in a query/report somewhere) the Order Number column uses the CW_RES_03_ field in […]

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Product Downloads Updated

Here are some numbers on our store.  Now, the hard part about these numbers is that they don’t reflect the true number of users, but it’s fun to see them anyways (for me at least). Since April, we have had 304 items downloaded.    By far the most popular is the CADWorx Ribbons.  See the chart […]

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Turning attributes off in CADWorx P&ID Professional

This week on the forums, Kather asked a question that piqued my curiosity.  The question was, “Is there a way to globally turn off attributes in a drawing file.”  I remembered that a while back a solution had been presented to filter out existing items in the plant database by Steven Hollinger.  So, I wanted […]

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ECAD Database for CADWorx

We are proud to announce that the ECAD Database for CADWorx will be available in our store soon.  We showed it briefly at CADWorx University 2010, and since then have gotten more features included. Download the feature walk through: The goal in creating this database was to add functionality that users request on a regular […]

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Sharing SQL Queries

  Today I wanted to post a tip on how to share queries.  Often users or the PDOTeam will post a query and we want you to know how to use that in your own project (like the query below).   SELECT [Components-Valves].ID_COUNT_, [Components-Valves].DWG_NAME_, [Components-Valves].SIZE_, [Components-Valves].SPEC_, [Components-Valves].CW_RES_01_, [Components-Process Lines].TAG_, [Components-Process Lines].SIZE_ AS [Line Size], IIf([Components-Valves]![SIZE_]=[Line […]

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Updating The Switchboard Interface With CADWorx P&ID

If you are running CADWorx P&ID, then chances are you have added or removed fields from the database. This is a great way to really get the information that we need into the drawing, into the database, and more importantly, into the hands of the people that really need the info.

Let’s setup a scenario. You’ve added a few Columns to the valve table, and you’ve updated the database.tbl file to make sure that the columns you’ve added show up in the additional data section of the Component Edit Dialog Box.

The only problem that we have from this point, is when using the ICES database interface, those fields don’t show up just because we’ve added them into the database and into P&ID.

Let me stop here, I’ve made an assumption that you know about adding database columns into the project AFTER you’ve created the project, if this is NOT the case PLEASE let me know. Shoot me an email, or message me somehow and I will be GLAD to help you out with that as well.

Now, back to the database, there are a couple of things we need to do to get our information into the ICES switchboard, none of which are difficult.

First, we need to find the querry that gathers the information into the switchboard, you can see here where we’ve added in the column VENDOR_ for the Valve Table

And Here is the Query we need to take a look at:

We’ll open this in Design View and add in a query. Out of the box, it will look like this:

Now that it’s in the query, we have one more step, and that is tweaking the header of the query to show up in the dialog box in the ICES Switchboard. We’ll modify the first line to look like this:

This in turn, will give us the following when we take a look at the switchboard:

Notice the Vendor tag at the bottom, ready for you, or a member of your team to populate the data.

Not hard, but another situation where we need to know the right steps to get accomplished what we need.

Again, if you have any questions PLEASE feel free to contact me.