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Fasttrack Navisworks 1.26 Update

Hi we’ve just released an update for our P3d Datalink plugin. The plugin is being renamed Fasttrack Navisworks and has had a couple features added. Here’s the product page: where you can download a trial, purchase, or view help videos. In summary for 1.26, you can pick a part in a model without having […]

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FastTrack Navisworks (formerly Datalink)

The Fasttrack Navisworks plugin provides the ability to embed custom project data and hyperlinks into the Navisworks model. Initially this plugin was called Datalinks in the Autodesk app store.  Now it’s being released for free and we are adding new features that will tie into our FastTrack Plant product. Trial Purchase Posts   Videos […]

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Loading Navisworks Navigator into AutoCAD or Advanced Steel

The navisworks navigator plugin available in Plant 3D is a fantastic tool for visualizing your model inside of Navisworks.  However, by default the window doesn’t load inside of Advanced Steel or other AutoCAD products. To help with the button issue, you’ll need a partial cuix to load (below). Once you have that, you’ll need to make […]

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Can’t edit Equipment nozzles

Ok, so this is more of a personal issue than anything else. For the last little while, I’ve been unable to edit equipment nozzles without the dialog disappearing and pipe starting to get routed.   If this happens to you, make sure GRIPSUBOBJMODE = 0, and your life can go back to normal.   **UPDATE** Being […]

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Datalink for Navisworks 2015 update

Our Datalink product for Navisworks has been updated to be compatible with the 2015 version.  We have plans for future modifications, but it will be a few months before those are addressed. You can purchase the new version here: If you have purchased it previously, you can download and install the new version without purchasing […]

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Automating Model Coordination for Navisworks

Today’s post is one of those topics that I can’t believe we haven’t covered or done yet.  Most of us use Navisworks to coordinate our project information.  If you don’t, you should.   When you get to working with a lot of models, you need a way to pull everything together for review.  Navisworks facilitates […]

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Browsing a Plant 3D DWF in Navisworks

One of my favorite features of using Plant 3D is that the properties get published to DWF.  One of the newer features of Navisworks is that it now opens DWF files.  I ran across a little trick to be able to switch between sheets. To open a DWF, either select DWF or All files.   […]

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CADWorx 2011

In this post we broke the news about CADWorx 2011.  To cover Clark’s question, I thought I’d post about the upcoming release.  First of all there will be a release slated for the end of the user conference in Houston.  This release is CADWorx 2011.  To clarify the CADWORX Next Generation technology is only a […]

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Navisworks Searching

On the forums this week a question came up on pipe colors.  Most of us are familiar with changing the color of the layer for piping.  However, through Navisworks we also have another option.  The technique below will show you how to create a search, save it and override the color of the searched items. […]