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Don’t break a sweat

As you all have heard, I am the new member to the ECAD team. I will take the next few moments to introduce myself. For the last few years I’ve spent my time digging around inside of the CADWorx line while doing piping design for companies in the South East. Through that time, I’ve learned that tweaking is a whole lot of FUN! Like everyone, at some points I’ve gotten bitten for tweaking too much. I remember one time…

During the my first exposure to AutoCAD and the CUI, like any diligent person I was trying to get my head wrapped around the CUI thing. Well, I ended up past my limits and before I knew it, I had no buttons, menus, or toolbars! I didn’t touch the CUI command for 3 weeks at least.

All that to say, as a new member of the Process Design from the Outside team (PDO?), my goal is to tweak CADWorx and AutoCAD, stress myself out with disappearing buttons, toolbars and menus, and do the dirty work of figuring out how the stuff is put together, so you can focus on your job. I’m going to do my best to put the information I learn into any format that will help you learn it-whether a handout, blog, or a video.

Thanks to Kyle and ECAD for their support and bringing me onto the team!

David Wolfe

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Process Design is growing!

Alot of you know a guy by the name of Dave Wolfe. Fortunately ECAD was able to hire this guy into the Process and Power team. We’ve been keeping him plenty busy, and as I’m sure alot of you know, he is amazing at the software. In the future, we’re going to get him more and more involved with this site as well, so that you won’t JUST have to listen to me ramble, you’ll get his knowledge too!

I know I”m extrememly excited to have his expertise available, and I’m sure we’ll all benefit a great deal!