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Fast Track User Logging

The Fast Track User Login allows the user to easily log all the users that have worked on the project in which the log users is enabled. The first step will be to go to you FT manage tab in the ribbon Then you will go and select the LOG USERS command under the settings panel. […]

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FastTrack Align View Cube Tool

Sometimes we need to re-align an angled section of our Plant 3D model when creating an Ortho view. ECAD Inc.’s Fast Track plug-in for AutoCAD Plant 3D has a tool that does this for you. Re-alignment is accomplished through the use of the “Align View Cube” tool found on the 2D Fast Track tab of […]

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Fasttrack Plant

   Fasttrack Plant Fasttrack Plant is a plugin for AutoCAD Plant 3D (and P&ID) that helps designers get their jobs designed more efficiently.  Through an in-depth analysis of the product we address common issues to help users be more productive with Plant 3D. You can purchase it in the App store here: Here are downloads relating […]

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Datalink for Navisworks 2015 update

Our Datalink product for Navisworks has been updated to be compatible with the 2015 version.  We have plans for future modifications, but it will be a few months before those are addressed. You can purchase the new version here: If you have purchased it previously, you can download and install the new version without purchasing […]

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Off Page Connectors with PDO Extended Fields

In our previous post, we discussed how to create a perfect line list. Today we will look at customizing our off page connectors to display the equipment to and from information. Overview We will create two styles (to and from) and custom blocks that display the to/from information.   Creating the Symbols Go to project […]

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Getting PERFECT Line List from AutoCAD P&ID

And I do mean, perfect.  Line lists have troubled several CAD programs, but now you can get automated line lists from your P&IDs without having to clean them up. Our Extended Fields plugin is now available in the store: PDO Extended Fields   In addition to updating it for 2014, several other features have been […]

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Plugin Plans and Upgrading to 2014

Several people have asked about migrating our existing products to 2014. In addition, we have some more plugins that are going to be coming available in the new Plant store.   Existing PDO Team Plugins This applies to the plugins currently sold in our store: Create BOM PDO Extended Fields (1.0) Iso Config XML First, […]

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Enhanced Fields for AutoCAD Plant Design

Today is the release of our PDO Extended Fields plugin:  The page in our store gives helpful locations like the online help file, the issue tracker, and discussion forums.  We’ll be rolling out videos on implementing the features over the next few weeks.  A playlist of the videos from YouTube is on the store […]

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Customizing Line Display in Plant 3D Isometrics

From time to time we will get a client who doesn’t want line number to display on the pipe line.  Altering the line display requires us to edit the isoconfig.xml.  Previously, you had to wade through the text, but with the Iso Cfg Editor’s release, we don’t have to do that any more. Open your […]

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Iso Config Editor Introduction

We have just released a new tool called the Iso Config Editor for 2013 which is now available in our store. The Iso Config Editor allows loading up an isoconfig.xml in a specialized xml editor.   The editor has the following features: View node data View Comments Edit values Right-click clone/delete for lists Search   […]