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Fasttrack Plant Update 1.0.16286

  An update for Fasttrack Plant is available now: We’re working to get the update pushed to the Autodesk app store now. 10/12/2016 Fixed a bug where the spec directory for Spec-Driven P&IDs didn’t update when the project was changed. Verified Spec-Driven P&IDs work with Vault Fixed bugs where valves wouldn’t show if out of […]

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Spec Driven P&IDs In AutoCAD P&ID

With the release of Fasttrack Plant , we have the capability to create spec-driven P&IDs. Today’s video will show how to use the spec-driven aspects of Fasttrack Plant.  Fast track plant has been tested and runs on 2015-2017 (and most features on 2014).    

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Plant 3d 2017 New Features

Join Jon Phelps for an introduction to the new features available in Plant 3d 2017 Wednesday at 10 am CDT.  We look forward to seeing you there! New feature topics: P&ID Painter Multiport Valves Pulled Pipe Bends Isometric Reference Dimensions Iso Style Migration PCF to Pipe Equipment Modeling Connector Configuration Isometric Improvements

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Expert Panel at AU 2015

Once again we will be hosting the Plant Ask the Expert Panel at AU.  This year we will be having Carsten Beinecke, Peter Quinn, and Jarrod Mudford on the panel.  To help us prepare, we ask that you submit questions ahead of time if possible, so that we can jump right into providing solutions. To […]

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Upcoming Webinar

We are going to host a webinar! Our first webinar will be Friday, Sept. 11 at 9 am CT.  You can register here – Please be sure and join us! We added a Q & A board to facilitate asking questions. To get to it go hover over the training menu and then go to Webinars […]

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Installation and Setup

The Mastering P&ID Video series can be installed in a few steps.  Please note that the videos will only run on a 32-bit machine. 1.  Run the Installation CD. 2.  Install the Licensing Manager: .  Make sure to download the latest version from the previous link, and not the version on the dvd (if it’s […]

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BOM Gather Spreadsheet

BOM Gather Spreadsheet $600.00 The BOM Gather spreadsheet saves time by eliminating spreadsheet formatting time.  With the spreadsheet, the header size (rows and columns) can be customized to fit any number of columns.  The spreadsheet will import data from an existing .xls, .xlsx, or an .mdb query. Not only does the spreadsheet offer importing from […]