In order to properly convert CADWorx models, you need to supply the proper CADWorx information.  For a successful conversion, we need

  • 3D models (.dwg)
  • Project configuration (.cfg ie Imperial.cfg)
  • Specs and Catalogs files

We will use the 3D models as the basis of our conversion.  The configuration file, which you can locate by using the SETUP command, and then clicking Edit Config File, stores information like how to structure your line number.

Your specs will be have to be converted to Plant 3D, as the model is created by inserting items from the spec.  You can use the GETALLSPECDATAFILES command inside of CADWorx to consolidate the specs and catalog files used in a model, into the same folder as the model. Currently models from CADWorx 2012 and lower are converted.

Modelling tips:

As with all software packages, piping must be modeled correctly to get good results.  The best conversion results from models that can be run through Isogen (b/c the components are all connected endpoint to endpoint), and where there has not be significant description editing.  The conversion checks the model parts for a matching spec description, so if the description doesn’t match, the component will not be converted to Plant 3D.