Mastering P&ID Professional Video

Mastering P&ID Professional

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Topics included in the video are:

  • The creating bid drawings module covers basic drafting commands by familiarizing user with the buttons.
  • The project setup section covers each of the setup files for P&ID and gives an introduction to CADWorx specs.
  • In the “Using a database” section, database-specific P&ID commands will be introduced as well as the techniques to get reports and project information.
  • The “Sharing Data” section covers methods to capitalize on the accessibility of the data in P&ID by teaching how to use Loops, Datasheets, CADWorx IP, and link to the P&ID View palette.

Included with the P&ID videos is a companion workbook for taking notes and following along with the instructor.  The streamlined web interface allows users to pick up easily where they left off, or to get refreshed on an individual topic.

Table of Contents:

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