Posting to PDO Team

This page will help you get started posting to the PDO Team site.  While you can create posts through the WordPress site online, using a blog post editor will help you create articles and upload them to the site for automatic publishing.


Personally, my favorite editor is Windows Live Writer.  This page will detail setting up Live Writer so that you can post from it.  One of the advantages of using Live Writer is that you can paste images from your clipboard directly into your articles.  Also, you can save your drafts on your computers.

  • Download Windows Live Essentials from here: You will be able to select which features (Live Writer) to install. You will probably need a Windows Live login (hotmail, Sky Drive, etc.).
  • Install it.  You should be able to accept the defaults.
  • You will have to add your account information for the PDO Site. Go to the File menu and Options:


  • Go to accounts and click Add.


  • Choose WordPress for the blog type:



  • The program will think for a while and give you the option to download the background so you can view what the post will look like with the post. At the end you’ll get the option to save the blog name. Click Finish.


Next we will review some tips for posting articles.