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Favorite 2014 New Features

Ok, so I just ran across this new feature in 2014 that I love. First I love the tabs. I feel like they should have had those in the product a long time ago. But the feature I wanted to mention is the open file location feature. When working with plant projects, we tend to […]

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Setting up company toolbars/menus in AutoCAD (2005+)

So today’s post is more of a customization topic.  Routinely, we run across customer’s who have tools that they want loaded into AutoCAD.  Sometimes they way they’ve loaded them, means that they’ll have to work extra-hard to make sure everyone get’s a copy. In a perfect world, we’d be able to have our laptop and […]

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Easy Pickings in CADWorx Plant Professional

For today’s topic I wanted to bring back to mind some AutoCAD features that save time for selecting points. Here’s the link to point tracking in AutoCAD. Here are a few situations where using snap tracking or point filters are invaluable: 1.  Use the router to line up pipe along the top of steel or […]

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CADWorx Properties Palette by ECAD

We have exciting news for everyone.  Today we are releasing the CADWorx Properties palette by ECAD!  Here’s is the other half of the good news…it’s FREE!  Once again, to download all you have to do is register with our site and then access the downloads page. We have a video that walks through installation and […]