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CADWorx 2011 Update

The next release of CADWorx is right around the corner.  From now until the release date, the beta team and developers have a bi-weekly meeting showcasing the latest fixes and updates.  The release is scheduled for October 1, with a pre-release being given away to attendees of CADWorx University 2010. This past Wednesday we got […]

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2011 Update

More questions on 2011! Great input guys, I really appreciate the feedback.  Keep it coming.  Clint’s a new user who’s been on the forums trying to learn about CADWorx and he asked a question to my previous post on CADWorx 2011. CADWorx has 2 official releases, one in the spring and a fall release.  The […]

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CADWorx 2011

In this post we broke the news about CADWorx 2011.  To cover Clark’s question, I thought I’d post about the upcoming release.  First of all there will be a release slated for the end of the user conference in Houston.  This release is CADWorx 2011.  To clarify the CADWORX Next Generation technology is only a […]

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The CADWorx/Intergraph Team

Over last few months, everyone has been wondering (myself included)—how is Intergraph purchasing CADWorx going to affect us?  On the forums, we have heard views from “It’s the end of the world!” to “the greatest thing since sliced bread.”  But alas, we can’t know the future until we get there (unless you’re from the future […]