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Connecting to SQL Server

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series AutoCAD Plant 3D on SQL Express

Now that we have our SQL Server instance setup, we need to configure it for remote connections.  Microsoft disables remote connections out of the box for security purposes.  They don’t want people connecting to servers that were not intended to be available remotely. In our previous post, I displayed a network map showing that my […]

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Changing the Project name in Plant 3D

As many may know, there isn’t a way to change the project name via the UI.  However, there is still a way.   To get to where the data is stored, we will need some tools to open the SQLite database.  If you are using SQL Server, you’ll have an easier time because you have […]

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ECAD Database Update

A couple small housekeeping updates to the ECAD database.  The SQLMap table had an incorrect mapping for the Process Lines table. Also, the DatabaseECAD.tbl file incorrectly used the LINE_LIST_ field in the Process Lines sections instead of LINELIST_.  A new version has been posted, and you may download it by going to your orders page.

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ECAD CADWorx Database 64-bit

With the help of Rod Abbott, we’ve been able to fix up the ECAD Database for CADWorx to run on 64-bit.  For those of you who are curious, this is a compatibility issue we had to address.  Incidentally, the code posted will fix the out of the box database for CADWorx too. #If VBA7 Then […]

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I’m willing to bet many of you have never heard of this command.  Well, it’s a dialog added in 2009 (I think). It allows you to assign an order number to the valves.  In case you’re wondering (or have to use this in a query/report somewhere) the Order Number column uses the CW_RES_03_ field in […]

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ECAD Database for CADWorx Available

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been out of town training and checking into creating an installer for all of our products.  We’ve decided to go ahead and release the database in the store so that you guys can start playing with it.  Feel free to Contact Us if you run into any issues or […]

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Turning attributes off in CADWorx P&ID Professional

This week on the forums, Kather asked a question that piqued my curiosity.  The question was, “Is there a way to globally turn off attributes in a drawing file.”  I remembered that a while back a solution had been presented to filter out existing items in the plant database by Steven Hollinger.  So, I wanted […]

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ECAD Database for CADWorx

We are proud to announce that the ECAD Database for CADWorx will be available in our store soon.  We showed it briefly at CADWorx University 2010, and since then have gotten more features included. Download the feature walk through: The goal in creating this database was to add functionality that users request on a regular […]