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BOM Gather Spreadsheet Released

Today the BOM Gather Spreadsheet hits the store! To answer your first question, here is what the spreadsheet can do for you. Automate the process of formatting your spreadsheet. Import a query from a database to the pre-formatted spreadsheet. Compare two published spreadsheets and list the differences. By the way, you may be […]

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Sharing SQL Queries

  Today I wanted to post a tip on how to share queries.  Often users or the PDOTeam will post a query and we want you to know how to use that in your own project (like the query below).   SELECT [Components-Valves].ID_COUNT_, [Components-Valves].DWG_NAME_, [Components-Valves].SIZE_, [Components-Valves].SPEC_, [Components-Valves].CW_RES_01_, [Components-Process Lines].TAG_, [Components-Process Lines].SIZE_ AS [Line Size], IIf([Components-Valves]![SIZE_]=[Line […]