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BOM Changes in CADWorx Plant

Most of what I do is focused around the COADE product line. A lot of what I post is going to be based on the CADWorx line of products.

This little change is a fun one. It’s not exactly for the faint of heart I guess, but it’s not THAT painful either. In CADWorx Plant, you can add weight to your BOM. The great thing about this is that you also get a TOTAL BOM Weight. The downside to this, and anyone who’s put out a Weight on a BOM will understand this, the weight that is figured off of a drawing is WRONG. Nothing against the way we do weight, but there are a lot of variables that aren’t taken into account, coating, weld (in some cases), shipping flanges, etc… It’s a universal habit to take the weight we come up with and add 10%. In CADWorx Plant, although we can’t do this, we can append what the BOM says to indicate that the end user should add 10%. Think of it as covering your tail. The steps are easy, but you have to modify a file that COADE prb doesn’t want you too, but that’s okay 🙂

In the support directory, under your install of CADWorx Plant (or Plant Professional) You’ll find a file called English.dic. Open this file up with Notepad and do a FIND on T0097 . This will take you to a line of text that looks like this:

T0097=TOTAL WEIGHT: %.2f

This is the line of text that get’s appended to bottom of a BOM when you add weight as one of the columns. The %.2f tells the software to append the total weight, to 2 decimal places. Let’s change that line to read:


Now, save the file, restart CADWorx Plant and run a Bill of Materials with the weight column in there. You’ll notice that right there in the BOM is your text.