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Report Items By Line Number in Plant 3D

The other day a client needed a report of items by Line Number.  A common way to get the report would be to group by the PipeRunComponent_LineNumberTag.  That report ends up excluding all fasteners. So, the typically, an incorrect report by line number would look something like this: Noticing the Group and Sort panel at […]

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Nozzle Reports for AutoCAD Plant 3D

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Creating a Nozzle Report

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Creating a Nozzle ReportOne client asked how to create nozzle reports in the Report Creator.  While you can easily print out a list of nozzles, the out-of-the-box setup doesn’t give you a way to view the Equipment tag. Special thanks to Ken Fauver for coming […]

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AutoCAD Plant 3D Report Creator 2012

This week AutoCAD the AutoCAD Plant Design Suite was released.  Needless to say, I have started learning AutoCAD Plant 3D lately.  One of the first portions of the new features I have been reviewing is the Report Creator. Here are some of my favorite features: Export to file types – Exports to a host of […]