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Differences between Quick Iso and Production Iso

A common question we get is “What is the difference between a quick iso and a production iso?”  While very similar, the two methods have a couple different results and different purposes.   Quick Iso A quick iso is intended to address troubleshooting issues.  You should have a check style setup that displays helpful troubleshooting […]

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Copying between Catalogs for AutoCAD Plant 3D

For a long time, I was under the impression that you couldn’t transfer items between catalogs easily.  However, you can and it’s pretty easy to do. In the Spec Editor application, navigate to the Catalog Editor tab.  Believe or not I missed the first step all those times.  I think that typically I tried to […]

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Copying between Catalogs in AutoCAD Plant 3D

Today we will take a quick look at how to copy items between catalogs.  One of my main recommendations when getting started with Plant3D is to maintain your own company catalogs and specs separate from the default installed catalogs and specs.  Sometimes though, you want to start with a part that exists in the installation […]

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SPECVIEW–Quick changes

It’s funny how topics are brought to mind.  Every time I install or update CADWorx, I have a couple tweaks that I always make.  First I always want Equipment loaded inside of Plant, and second I always change my spec view settings.  Today we’ll go over some quick changes I like to make on the […]

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Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plant Specs

For some time we’ve had a specs available for purchase, specifically for those of you that deal with Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plants, well, we’ve decided to greatly expand that. The line now includes the following: Ductile Iron Pipe Ductile Iron C110 Flanged Fittings DIP C110 Mechanical Joint Fittings DIP C153 Mechanical Joint Fittings US […]