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Isometric Types

One of the questions that has come up recently is – what symbol types can I use?  While I do not have a comprehensive list of types, I did gather a list of the ones used in the catalogs. To get it, I went through all of the ootb catalogs and exported them to Excel.  […]

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Symbol for the Isometric Generator in AutoCAD Plant 3D

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Custom Piping Components - Plant 3D

While researching the content for the next post on creating custom isometric symbols, I could not locate a good source of documentation for the current symbol set. The symbol keys.pdf  is a first draft of the available symbols used in AutoCAD Plant 3D 2012.  Some of the Symbol Types may be off, as I had […]

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ISOGEN and Victaulic pipe in CADWorx Plant Professional

During my free time, I sometimes peruse help files…I know it’s a bad habit, but I can’t stop.   While reading through the skeys.pdf (C:\CADWorx 2010\Plant\Isogen\Isogen_Utils) I ran across a skey that I would have had use for, but was not aware of.  By default if you use a victualic spec, the ISOGEN iso will […]

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ISOGEN Symbol Editing

This one was pretty exciting to me. For those of us that have spent anytime trying to work with the symbol editor for ISOGEN, we all know the pain that IS the symbol editor for ISOGEN. Along comes a new hire in the Houston office of ECAD. Matthew Peters shows up, is given the task of taking learning ISOGEN, then writes this after spending about 2 weeks with the software. These are the people that A: make me sick 🙂 and B: I’m VERY glad are on my team, and YOURS! He’s made putting good looking supports, shoes, etc… into ISOGEN an easy step by step. This document should go with the rest of your ISOGEN Bible that I know all of you have saved around there somewhere.

Here’s a couple of screen caps from the document.

You can download the file here ISOGEN Symbol Editor pdf

With any luck we can hope for more of this great work from Matthew in the future.


Kyle Pope