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Helpful Windows Feature

I’m sure a lot of people know this little trick already, but it’s one I discovered this week.  I found out for the first time, that you get a different set of options if you hold shift and right-click a file, than if you only right-click a file. Here are the options from a normal […]

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NEW Steel Toolkit 3.0 AVAILABLE!

We’ve had lots of downloads, and lots of feedback on our Steel Toolkit, so an update was in order.   We still feel that CADWorx Steel provides a great deal of flexibility in todays workplace, and with the addition of a few simple datafiles,  you can greatly expand on that.  The contents of the Steel Toolkit 3.0 […]

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Helpful Program

The other day a friend of mine asked if there was a good way to get a screen shot of only a part of a screen.  Many users are familiar with using PrintScreen, but frequently, you don’t want to capture the entire viewable area. The tool that I recommend for screen capture is called Jing.  […]